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M1s Pro Helmet Intercom Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

M1s Pro Helmet Intercom Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

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M1-S Pro Motorcycle Communication System Is A Group Intercom And It Is Designed For Up To 8 Riders To Talk At The Same Time, The Intercom Range Is Up To 2000m, The Working Speed Is Up To 120km/H. It Enables The Hands-Free Function To Ensure Security And Convenience With Bluetooth 4.1. The Crystal Clear Voice Quality Makes It Stand Out During The Millions Of Motorcycle Walkie-Talkies. Operating Temperature: -10°C ~55°C Hands-Free Phone Call Function Support Bluetooth 4.1 And Make The Smartphone Hands-Free Operation Available For Music, Phone Calls, Voice Command, Etc. Bring More Convenience While Riding Support Wire Connecting Use 3.5mm Audio Cable To Connect Motorcycle Gps, Speed Detector, Music Player, Radio, Etc. That Makes You Listen To Voice From Both M1-S Intercom And Other Audio Devices At The Same Time. Big Button Design Unique Oversized Button Design And Glove-Friendly Operation, Comfortable Touch Group Intercom For Up To 2000m Group Intercom Support Up To 8 Riders And Best For 6 Group Intercom Range Is Up To 2000m And The Effective Maximum Communication Distance Between 2 Riders Is About 500m. Support All Kinds Of Helmets Suitable For Both Half-Face And Full-Face Helmet

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