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High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable Record Player, Audio Technica Vm95e, Anti-Resonant Platter, Acrylic Mat, Preamp

High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable Record Player, Audio Technica Vm95e, Anti-Resonant Platter, Acrylic Mat, Preamp

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Pure Analog Listening Experience - Premium Components Allow This High-Fidelity Belt Driven Turntable To Recreate The Performance The Way The Artist Intended Superior Vibration Isolation - Three Adjustable Isolation Feet, An Acrylic Mat With Similar Resonant Frequency To Vinyl, And A Dampened Aluminum Anti-Resonant Platter, Resulting In Improved Frequency Response, Enhanced Imaging, And Greater Signal Clarity High Performance Cartridge -The Next Generation Audio Technica Vm95e, Featuring A Diamond Elliptical Stylus, Vm Series Upgradability, And Greater Frequency Response, Is Mounted On A Removable Head Shell For Easier Cartridge Swapping High Mass Engineered Plinth - The Gorgeously Finished Cabinet Is Crafted From Solid Engineered (Mdf) Wood Which Results In Superior Isolation From Unwanted Vibrations Captivating Signal Clarity - Featuring A Built-In Texas Instruments Phono Preamp, Gold-Plated Rca Connections, And A Ground Terminal That Deliver Warm, And True Sound Rt81+ Hi-Fi Turntable Is The Next Evolution Of Our Elite Vinyl Record Player. Featuring The Best Of The Rt81 With Multiple Upgrades, This Belt-Drive Turntable Is Ready For You To Enjoy Your Record Collection With Improved Frequency Response, Enhanced Imaging, And Greater Signal Clarity. When You Want The Absolute Best In Music Performance, Pull Out Your Favorite 33 1/3 Or 45 Rpm Records, Hook Up Your Sound System, Lean Back And Enjoy. Br Br Pure Analog Listening Experience /B Br Your Soul Will Be Captivated By The Crisp, Natural Characteristics Of The Music You Love. Br Br Superior Vibration Isolation /B Br Expertly Designed Height-Adjustable Rubber Isolation Feet, With Three Points Of Minimal Contact, Results In Decreased Resonance. The Included 3mm Acrylic Mat And The Upgraded Dampened Aluminum Anti-Resonant Platter Provide An Immersive 3-Dimensional Soundstage For A Detailed High Fidelity Listening Experience, That Recreate Music The Way The Artist Intended. Br Br High Performance Cartridge /B Br Your Music Will Come Alive With The Diamond-Tipped Elliptical Stylus. The Next-Generation Vm95e Delivers Powerful 4.0mv Output And Greater Frequency Response, Enhancing The Overall Tonal Quality Of The Acoustic Experience. The Removable Headshell And Adjustable Counterweight Allow You To Easily Swap Any Of The Compatible At-Vmn95 Upgraded Styli. Also, The Auto-Stop Feature Helps To Prevent Wear Of Your Stylus. Br Br High Mass Engineered Wood Plinth /B Br The Beautiful 3 Lbs Cabinet Is Crafted From Solid Mdf Wood Which Reduces Vibrations To Ensure The Stylus Provides The Purest Signal. Br Br Premium Components For Captivating Signal Clarity /B Br The Built-In High-Quality Texas Instruments Preamp And Gold-Plated Rca Outputs Provides High Fidelity Sound In Its Truest Form. The Fluid Movement Of The Tonearm Bearings Coupled With The Anti-Skating System Ensures The Stylus Is Rested Deep In Your Records Groove For Perfect Playback.

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