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Cs 529 Fully Automatic 3-Speed Turntable With Bluetooth (Black Veneer)

Cs 529 Fully Automatic 3-Speed Turntable With Bluetooth (Black Veneer)

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Cs 529bt Automatic Turntable Driven To Keep You Spinning Since 1907. Under The New Ownership Of Dr Josef Zellner, Launches An Entirely New Line Of Turntables, Redeveloped & Rebranded For Contemporary Vinyl Enthusiasts. From Storing, Cleaning, And Procrastinating Over Our Precious Collections To Saturday Morning Music Conversations Over Coffee At The Local Record Store, Owning And Playing Vinyl Records Is A Labour Of Passion. Automatic Turntables Come In Two Varieties – Semi And Fully. Semi-Automatic Turntables Require You To Cue And Lower The Tonearm. However, It Will Automatically Lift The Tonearm Off The Record When Each Side Is Finished. Some Semi-Automatic Turntables Will Then Return The Tonearm To The Cradle. Some Will Not. And Fully Automatic Turntables Do It All. They Cue, Lower, And Return The Tonearm To Its Cradle Position Automatically For Effortless Vinyl Play.

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