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Radio Anthology Turntable - Light Tan

Radio Anthology Turntable - Light Tan

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The Anthology Record Player Is Just An Excerpt From s Impressive Collection Of Record Players. Took Their Most Popular Suitcase Turntable, The Cruiser, And Gave It A Bigger Footprint With Larger Built-In Speakers And Upgraded Components For A Better Vinyl Listening Experience. This Three Speed Turntable Plays 33 1/3, 45 And 78 Rpm Vinyl Records And Includes A Built-In 45 Adapter To Easily Transition From Small Hole Lp Albums To Large-Hole Singles/45s. To Help Improve Sound Quality, The Tonearm Is Equipped With A Moving Magnet Cartridge And Functional Counterweight. Other Features Include Pitch Adjustment Knob, Rca Output So You Can Hook Up To External Speakers And A Bluetooth Receiver So You Can Stream Your Digital Music On Your Phone Through The Anthologys Speakers. When It Comes To Portable Turntables, The Anthology May Be s Best Piece Of Work Yet.

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